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It’s no secret that learning English takes a lot of time and effort…

You can spend years studying from textbooks and going to classes, but still not be able to speak English with confidence.

This giveaway will change all of that!

In this giveaway, you’ll get everything you need to improve your English quickly, so you can start speaking English with more confidence in just a week.

Here’s what you can win:

>> 1 Year of FREE Access To The Fast English Formula + ALL of the bonuses
(Worth £150/$190)

In this strategy-based program, you’ll learn the exact system that successful English learners use to become great at speaking English.

You’ll learn a simple-to-use step-by-step system to speaking English really well really quickly.

The winner will also get full access to all of the training sessions, the private community, all of the bonuses and all of the group coaching sessions.

>> A Year Of Burning Vocabulary – Plus Plan
(Worth £30/$39)

Burning Vocabulary is a really useful extension for Google Chrome that allows you to make lists of new vocabulary really easily while you browse the internet.

A few features it has include:

  • See instant translations of any new words on any website.
  • Save, track and learn new words in your own private vocabulary area.
  • See the frequency of new words. If the frequency is high, then the word is probably a useful one to learn

The winner of this giveaway will get a free year of the plus version of the Burning Vocabulary tool!

(I’ve been playing with it, and it really is awesome)

>>200 Common Errors In English Course
– From Espresso English 
(Worth £33/$40)

This is an excellent course from Espresso English that will help you to correct many of the most common English errors. This is how Shayna from Espresso English describes the course?

“When you’re learning English, one thing that might be holding you back is fear of mistakes.

What if you pronounce something wrong? Or if you use the wrong word?

If you make a grammar mistake, will people laugh at you, look down on you, or fail to understand you?

Remember that mistakes are a natural part of learning, and most mistakes aren’t as bad as you imagine. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

But wouldn’t it be great to know what the most common errors are, so that you can avoid them? When you learn the correct words, phrases, and pronunciation, you can speak and write English much more confidently!

In this course, you’ll learn about 200 mistakes that I’ve heard from students in my years of teaching English. These errors are the most common ones made by English learners of all levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced students.”

If you win the giveaway, you get this course to help you to correct your errors!

>>A Personalised Study Plan
(Worth £50/$65)

If you follow the strategies in the Fast English Formula, you’ll be able to quickly create a study plan of success.
Sometimes, though, you just want the reassurance that you plan will actually work.
That’s where this will help. After going through the program, you will have a call with me where we go through your plan and I help you to make it even better with specific language and strategies that you should focus on to reach your goals.

>> 3 x 30 Minute Coaching Calls
(Worth £150/$190)

After you have your plan, you just need to get to work on it!
But having a coach to continually guide you, answer questions and redefine your goals and strategy helps.
The winner of this giveaway will also get three 30 minute  coaching calls with me that you can use over six months. This means, over six months, you have three coaching calls that you can use at anytime.
Got an important meeting and you want to do some last minute preparation? Book a call.
Your progress has slowed down and you want to see where you’re going wrong? Book a call.
Do you have an important exam coming up in a few weeks/months and want to focus on getting ready for that? Book a call!
Even if you’re just stuck and frustrated, book a call. These calls are all confidential, and a safe space for you to vent.
A coaching call can save you a lot of time, stress and effort!
And the winner gets THREE of them! BOOM!

>> The Top 100 Idioms Learning Guide
(Worth £9/$11)

Idioms cause English learners a lot of problems, but we all know that they are very useful if you want to sound natural. In this list, you’ll get only the most useful idioms that people use every day. (not uncommon ones like ‘raining cats and dogs’)

Using this list of the top 100 English idioms with the Fast English Formula will make learning, remembering and using idioms easier than ever. If you’ve struggled using idioms in the past, you’ll want this.

>> The Phrasal Verb Mastery Course
(Worth £50/$65)

Like idioms, phrasal verbs can make your speaking sound more natural. However, phrasal verbs can be really difficult to learn because the meanings don’t always match the words that are used.

In the Phrasal Verb Mastery Course, you’ll learn the most useful and common phrasal verbs along with examples and contexts to make it easy to remember them.

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You May Be Wondering Who I Am…

I’m Sam Pealing, an English language lecturer, teacher and coach from Derby – the heart of England.

I’ve been teaching English for over 10 years (with 3-4 years of those in a British university as a lecturer for English for Academic Purposes). I’ve been learning languages for even longer.

I have a CELTA, a BA in English with TESOL, a master’s degree in English Language Teaching, and I’m currently doing a PhD in Education at the University of York.

The reason I’m telling you this isn’t to just ‘toot my own horn’. It’s to show you that I’ve spent time, effort and money, studying how people learn languages.

So you can feel confident that the stuff you learn from me will be properly researched and tested.