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With The Fast English Formula, You Will Improve Your:

Speaking | Grammar | Vocabulary | Listening | Pronunciation | Writing | Confidence | Fluency | Conversation Skills

Grow a powerful vocabulary quickly using convenient and simple-to-implement strategies

Speak faster, more fluently and more naturally. PLUS - respond to questions faster and speak for LONGER.

Get Expert English Advice & Monthly Live Coaching and Live Lessons from Sam

Develop your conversation skills, so that you never feel nervous or left out in a conversation. You can even practise on your own.

Meet other English learners, join in with discussions, find study buddies and more in the Private Community

Improve your English using 'real-life' and natural language - not textbook english

Most online English Language programs cost from $300 to $1997 a year, but I decided to create a program that every student could afford for just £7/month

Who Is This Program For?

Have you been learning English for a few years, but you feel stuck?

Do you struggle to speak English to others? Do you feel like you don’t know enough words? Do you feel left out of conversations?

Are you looking for a program that will help you to improve your English each and every week, so that you can speak English confidently, build your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and feel like an English speaker?

If so, this program is for you!

Sam Pealing | Fast English Formula

How Will Your English Improve?

1. Build your vocabulary

2. Speak more naturally and fluently

3. Improve your conversation skills

4. Internalise grammar rules

5. Improve Your Pronunciation

6. Improve your listening skills

7. Boost your reading skills

8. Develop your writing skills

9. Feel more confident


Done-For-You Learning Plans

Natural & Real Life Language Skills

Suitable For All Learning Styles

A Private Support Community

Learn, discuss and speak with other eager and passionate English learners. Find speaking partners, ask questions, meet others and keep each other motivated.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month, we will have a live coaching call where I will answer your English learning questions and give you feedback on your work. These calls will be recorded, so even if you can't come to the call, you can still watch them later.

Monthly Learning Calls

Each month, we'll have a learning call - sort of like a live lesson - where I'll teach a topic that has been chosen by the Fast English Formula Community. That means you can help to choose what we do.


I’m Sam Pealing, an English language lecturer, teacher and coach from Derby – the heart of England.

I’ve been teaching English for over 10 years (with 3-4 years of those in a British university as a lecturer for English for Academic Purposes). I’ve been learning languages for even longer.

I have a CELTA, a BA in English with TESOL, a master’s degree in English Language Teaching, and I’m currently doing a PhD in Education at the University of York.

The reason I’m telling you this isn’t to just ‘toot my own horn’. It’s to show you that I’ve spent time, effort and money, studying how people learn languages.

So you can feel confident that the stuff you learn from me will be properly researched and tested.

What Is The Fast English Formula?

Over the past six years, I’ve developed a strategy-based English learning system for my students. This system is based on the strategies I used to become conversational in Japanese. After spending three years of studying and not being able to have a conversation in Japanese, I changed my approach to learning, and within 6 months, I was able to have conversations in Japanese with Japanese people.

I started teaching these strategies to my students and I found that they were able to quickly improve in all aspects of their English: speaking skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, grammar, conversation skills and their confidence was through the roof. Even my most quiet students were able to speak and hold a conversation.

I know that you want to improve your English, and I also know that most students can’t afford to spend hundreds of pounds or dollars on an English program. That’s why I’ve developed and created this affordable program that will help you to practise and improve your English on a daily basis.

This program will teach you everything you need to improve your English. You will improve your English through a variety of strategies that help you to practise and improve your reading, conversation skills, speaking fluency, writing skills, listening skills, pronunciation, intonation. At the same time, you’ll also build your vocabulary and grammar through simple yet effective strategies.

The best part about this program is that you will be learning in a collaborative learning environment where you will be able to connect and learn with other English learners who are at a similar level to you. This will help you to stay motivated, engaged and interested in learning. 

In addition to this, each month you’ll receive live coaching and lessons inside the private community. I will deliver these lessons, and you will have direct access to ask me questions about your English learning.

How Does The Fast English Formula Work?

Improving your English with the Fast English Formula is really simple:


Open The Fast English Formula –  Watch the videos and read the supplementary guides to learn about the strategies and understand exactly how they work to help you learn and speak English quickly.


Complete the simple tasks at the end of each section. Don’t worry! The tasks are really simple and take everything very slowly, so you won’t make any mistakes. I’ll even share some tools with you that will make each task much easier.


Follow The Simple Daily Plan. Use the new strategy-based system that you’ve learned to make simple, consistent progress to your English in just 15-minutes a day.

It only takes 15-30 minutes a day to completely change your confidence and speaking ability.

The Fast English Formula

This system has taken over 6 years of working closely with a lot of different English learners to perfect. If you were to use trial and error to learn these strategies, it would take you much longer.

Just think, if you wanted to join a language class or an online class, you could pay £800 or more for just one month… and that doesn’t even take into account the members’ only community and monthly coaching and learning sessions.

The Fast English Formula Special Introductory Rate: £7 per month

Because the Fast English Formula is new, and I want it to be affordable for all English learners, it’s available at a discounted rate for a limited time.

Get the Fast English Formula today for only £7 and you will always be on this special pricing.

The Fast English Formula

Join today
£ 7 Monthly
  • The Fast English Formula Program
  • The Private Community
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Learning Session Group Calls
  • Expert Help And Advice From A Qualified And Experienced English Language Teacher
  • Bonus 1: 5 Common Topic Wordlists
  • Bonus 2: The Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus 3: The Perfect Vocabulary Tool Template
  • Bonus 4: The Top 100 Idioms Learning Guide
  • Bonus 5: 100 Conversation Questions Tool
Special Price

This system has been working really well for all of my private students over the past 6 years, and I can’t wait to see what kind of impact it has on your English learning journey! If you don’t love the program, just take advantage of our 30-day guarantee below!

Sam Pealing
Fast English Formula 


If you’re not totally satisfied with your English speaking and learning results that you get from the Fast English Formula, every penny of your purchase will be refunded – even if you’ve been using the program for weeks.


Join Today And Get These Added Bonuses




Wordlists can be really effective learning tools if used correctly.

In the Fast English Formula, you’ll find out how to use wordlists, so that they make it quick ‘n’ easy to learn English. But we won’t just look at how to learn words from wordlists… 

By following the Fast English Formula, you’ll also be able to use the words you learn from wordlists! 

Join the Fast English Formula today, and you’ll get 5 wordlists featuring the most common subjects, so you can get started on improving your fluency, vocabulary and English even faster.



To get the full Fast English Formula experience, I recommend going through the entire program (which won’t take you too long!)

BUT – if you’re pressed for time and you want to get started as soon as possible, this quick start checklist will get you up and running in no time!

If you join the Fast English Formula today, you’ll get the Quick Start Checklist as well.



In the Fast English Formula, you’ll learn about my favourite vocabulary-building strategy.

This strategy is so effective that if you ONLY used this strategy, you’d improve your English in no time.

It’s so effective that all of my students have wondered why they never did this strategy earlier!

It not only saves your loads of time in learning, but it’s actually fun to do and very convenient.

If you join the Fast English Formula today, you’ll also get the exact template I use with all of my students to get them the best results in the shortest time!

There are many ways to use this strategy, but in my experience, this template is the most effective.


The Top 130 English Idioms List

Idioms are simple to learn – you just learn them the same way that you learn any other vocabulary piece.

Idioms can, however, help you to instantly sound more natural when you use them correctly.

The problem with idioms is that it can be difficult to find the idioms that native speakers actually use (there are a lot of idioms that we don’t use!)

So if you join the Fast English Formula today, you’ll also get a list of the 100 most common idioms to save you the time of hunting them down.31


The 100 Conversation Questions Tool

This nifty tool will help you to practice answering 100 of the most common conversation questions.

You can answer the questions randomly, and you can even do it on your own.

Of course, if you want to team up with one or two members of the private community and use this tool to test and practice together you can!


Click below to get answers to the most common questions.

Just click the button above and enter your details.

As soon as you pay, your account will be activated and you’ll get access to the Fast English Formula, the community and everything else.

You can cancel at anytime by just cancelling in your profile or by sending an email to admin@fastenglishformula.com

The program is 100% online and it’s delivered by a workbook and a few video lessons that expand on the workbook.

I chose to use a workbook as it means you can take as long as you like to work through the material. Videos can be difficult to study sometimes due to the fact that you need to rewind and replay sections.

When you join the Fast English Formula, you get access to the members’ area, which is a secured area for you to get access to all of the material

After you join, you will also be able to join the private community which is for members only.

I check the group every day and I’ll spend some time in the group answering questions, but I won’t be able to give long, detailed answers to everyone’s questions. If your question is a long one that requires more discussion, then you should definitely take advantage of the group coaching and troubleshooting calls!

These calls are for you to get the help you need from a trusted and experienced teacher.

Yes. The program really is £7 per month.

And there are no hidden fees.

The reason is simple:

I want to make an affordable community where people can feel comfortable learning and improving together.

I also want to be able to share my strategies and advice with English learners who will truly benefit from them.

The price is £7 per month at the moment because I want to allow anyone to join who wants to.

In the future, I’ll offer more courses and personalised group coaching packages through this program, so it’s my hope that you’re so impressed with this program that you’ll want to continue working with me.

£7 doesn’t sound like much right?

There’s a good reason…

The £7 is actually for you and me.

For me, it means that you’re a paying student, and that ensures I dedicate time and energy to you.

For you, it means that you’re more likely to improve and follow the system.

Most people who download courses or textbooks for free are unlikely to use them. But people who buy courses and programs tend to act on them.

The £7, therefore, is an investment in yourself.


I don’t have a date for increasing the price yet, but it definitely won’t always be £7 per month.

As I add more content to the program, the price is likely going to increase.

However… If you join while the price is £7 per month, it will always be £7 per month for you.

In other words, the price you join at will always be the price you pay.

I’m old school…

I like to use pen and paper when I can because it helps with language retention.

However, the internet is amazing, and some tools require the internet.

To be clear, here’s a break down of what you’ll need.

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Card
  • The Internet
  • A computer
  • A voice recorder on your computer or phone

Most of the tools I recommend in the course are completely free.

There are one or two tools that I suggest that cost money, but these are completely optional, and you don’t need them if you don’t want them.

No worries!

If you hate the program, that’s fine. It’s not for everyone.

If you decide that you really don’t like the program in the first month, just send an email to Admin@fastenglishformula.com

We will refund your entire payment and cancel your account with no questions asked!

To be honest, I hate saying this, but…

It’s for everyone.

Let me explain:

The strategies and systems that you’ll learn in the program are not specific to a topic or level in English. They are strategies that work for everyone because of how our brains work.

Some people may find the strategies to be more effective or easier to use, but they will work for everyone as long as you do them.

I have used them myself, and I have used them with each of my students for the past 6 years. The reason they work is because it’s dedicated study, you’re doing a lot of the work, you’re showing your brain that the words are essential and important, and you’re doing a lot of varied practice.

It’ll work for you as long as you do it.

If you’re expecting to learn English with no effort, then this isn’t for you.

You won’t be able to just listen to a podcast and become fluent in English… that’s not how this program works.

In fact, there are no programs that will do this for you.

This program will work and you will improve quickly (much quicker than you are improving now) – even if you’re stuck, you will improve!

BUT – if you don’t use the strategies, it won’t work.

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